Baking our best for you for over 100 years. Efficient and reliable.

  • Sponge-and-dough method and conventional dividing
  • 423,000-sq-ft combined space at 3 strategically located facilities
    • St. Cloud, Minnesota
    • Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
    • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Multiple baking line capabilities
    • 150-165 loaves per minute
    • 800-1,200 buns per minute
  • State-of-the-art baking technology
    • Great Western Manufacturing sifters
    • AMF, APV and Peerless equipment
    • Baker Perkins and Turkington proofers
    • Stickelber and APV crossgrain moulders
    • Burford twist tiers

Frequently asked questions

Does your company only work with bread products?

Although we specialize in fresh-baked breads and buns, we have partnered with other baking companies to provide other products such as pitas, sandwich thins, bagels, English muffins and croutons.

Is your facility certified/dedicated gluten free?

We currently do not offer gluten-free products.

What are your vegan capabilities?

None of the ingredients we use in our bread and bun products are derived from animal sources. However, we are not vegan certified.

Do your products contain azodicarbonomide?

No. As of June 2015 it has been removed from all of our products.

Are your products peanut and tree nut free?

Yes, and our products are baked in peanut and tree nut free facilities.