Private Label

Your great brand; our great bread. When your brand depends on being delicious, count on Pan-O-Gold to deliver.

  • Large volume or custom, small orders
  • Your recipe or ours
  • Many industry certifications
  • Package design and production available

Private label brands

Don’t have your own brand? Choose from one of our comprehensive private labels. Many stores use one of our lines as their own store brand or as a secondary label to drive sales.

Frequently asked questions

Does your company only work with bread products?

Although we specialize in fresh-baked breads and buns, we have partnered with other baking companies to provide other products such as pitas, sandwich thins, bagels, English muffins and croutons.

Is your facility certified/dedicated gluten free?

We currently do not offer gluten-free products.

What are your vegan capabilities?

None of the ingredients we use in our bread and bun products are derived from animal sources (with exception of honey in select products). However, we are not vegan certified.

Do your products contain azodicarbonomide?

No. As of June 2015 it has been removed from all of our products.

Are your products peanut and tree nut free?

Peanuts and tree nuts are not used as an ingredient in any of our facilities.

Are you able to store our product at your facility? How much space do you have to do so?

We typically deliver fresh to our customers but in the past have partnered with companies specializing in cold storage and do have this capability.

What is your minimum number of units for co-packing?

Dependent on the item.

Do you have location specifications for co-packing?


Do you co-pack fresh and frozen products?

Currently only fresh.

What is the cost of producing private label products?

The cost varies. Please email us to start the conversation.